Slam 69 is a swimwear brand focused on Millenials. This is the first store of the brand in Israel, Built inside a shopping mall in Haifa, Israel.

The main challenge in the design was to find decent storage solutions for the product. The shop has no back storage place, and there were no storage areas provided by the mall company. Creating a back storage area would take a large chank of the small retail space and as well, it was not an option.

The solution we found was adding to any furniture and building element in the store capabilities: the fake wooden columns, the low displays, the bench, and the cashier/counter. That way no unusable space was taken from the store area, and we got an added value of a clear hierarchy of displaying different products of the brand: low display area, lightbox displays integrated inside the columns, front-facing hangers, side-facing hangers, shelves, and storefront. That gives a lot of flexibility to the owner to highlight different products in different seasons.

The design follows as well the brand guidelines of the use of colors and materials, with the introduction of some creative uses of the brand visuals to enhance its vibrant and surprising look.


  • Project type: Retail/ store
  • Location: Haifa, Israel
  • Year: 2018
  • Status: Completed 2018
  • Collaboration with: Levav Shahar Architect