Shelf Life is a studio and apartment interior design for two young designers- she is a graphic designer and he is an industrial designer. The young couple had bought 2 small 35 sqm apartments (out of 12 units in total) in 90-years-old dorms which originally built for students. One elevation is facing the street, one towards a quiet inner courtyard (patio). That is a quite mid-class neighborhood.

The two asked for a multi-use live-and-work space, with an efficient setup of the small space on one hand and an impressive interior which reflects their passion for good and multidisciplinary design on the other hand.

The basic idea was to expose the designers’ works in any aspect of the interior and turn the house as a whole into an exhibition space. The need for a staircase delivered the concept of using single leaner horizontal elements in order to organize the different spaces, circulations, areas, and objects. The staircase becomes to be the main event in the interior, comprising different functions: space separation, circulation, and storage into an impressive sculptural element.

The presence of all the products and objects is gradually reduced: a packed and stuffed studio area, a more vacant dining area, a totally clean bedroom, and a completely empty terrace.


  • Project type: Tiny studio apartment
  • Location:  Haifa, Israel
  • Year: 2006
  • Clients: /
  • Building area: 60 sqm
  • Status: Concept (competition entry
  • In collaboration with Lena Tyomkin