A door is a barrier that prevents any kind of relations between two spaces. Behind the door, there is something out of reach. The unknown arouses the curiosity, the need to discover, the need to peep, to look through the keyhole, through the cracks of a wooden door.

This design, influenced by Italians grown-up movies, responds to the need for peeping, by creating a connection and relation between two separated spaces. Light from the room inside pass-through “holes” to the outside corridor, turns the door into a curtain, correlates the spaces, and makes a magical atmosphere at the outside.

The door is made of clean natural varnished wood. Holes of about 1.5cm diameter are drilled and filled with translucent polymer, which can be in various colors. The result is a pattern of tiny lights like stars or pixels and can be freely designed, The frame-head is made of the same translucent polymer, creates a thin frame of light to the door.



  • Project type: Product 
  • Year: 2005
  • Client: –
  • Status: Concept / competition entry.

    The project was special mentioned in Designboom competition “Doors to paradise”, rights of production sold to the organizer Watch it here!.