Contemporary educational institution for future


A school campus designed on the basic belief that learning is something that happens everywhere. Especially nowadays, when information is available through the internet and mobile devices, we see the role of an educational institution shifts into a place to introduce useful tools, rather than information, to the pupils. Tools for social interaction, learning how to learn, critical thinking and creativity, problem-solving, etc… 

Knowledge is the ability to use information in the right way, and not just memorize it. For that reason, NAS invested many resources to create places and spaces to allow the students to develop those hands-on abilities, to grow and evolve. 

We paid a lot of attention to the in-between spaces, where informal learning happens, where the social interactions, the horizontal (student-student) learning processes are taking place. 

Those are the most significant tools schools can give to prepare students for the future world, when they will have to integrate into the world. 

The main study buildings designed as a comprehensive internal world. There are no traditional corridors in NAS. The classrooms are all connected through a series of “outdoor” covered spaces that permit small and larger gatherings of students. 

The library is designed as a continuous part of the in-between spaces, giving the possibility for the kids who pass to stop and get curious about a book, a magazine and pursue them to investigate and wonder and take the lead and approach by themselves to gain knowledge. 


  • Project type: 12K (12 year) school campus
  • Location:  Suzhou, China
  • Year: 2013
  • Clients: NAS
  • Site area: 62,000 sqm
  • Building area: 87,000 sqm
  • Status: Completed 2016
  • In collaboration with Archlong Group.