A total reform of a flat in the Vila olimpica, Barcelona. The flat is located in the Olympic residence complex that was constructed for the Barcelona Olympic games of 1992, nowadays a requested living area of the city.

The total reform considered changing the distribution of the private and public area, make better use of the floor area and add a home office, enlarge the living area, and renovate completely the kitchen and the toilets. The distribution made to fit the client’s needs, a young family with a baby, partly home workers.

The design derived as well from a specific selection of materials, creating a unique balance between warm and cold sensations. All the integrated furniture was designed with careful attention for usability and economic space use.


  • Project type: Apartment re-design
  • Location: Villa olimpica, Barcelona, Spain
  • Year: 2011
  • Clients: Mariana Bahia, Gonzalo Pando
  • Site area: 150 sqm
  • Building area: 60,000 sqm
  • Status: Completed 2011
  • In collaboration with Tool Studio.