Our proposal attempts to question the form remembrance should take in contemporary urban contexts, suggesting a non-monumental way of making the absent present, and linking commemoration with leisure urban activity. 

The stalks rise to various heights, sway gently in the wind, and produce soft flute-like sounds. They serve as eternal lights commemorating the loss of millions, yet emphasizing the absence of numerous individuals. 

Their collective presence, motion and sound create the effect of an absent-present crowd which has gathered to testify and tell a tragic story. Working with a slight rise of the wooden deck, the stalks form an urban garden facing the boardwalk. 

They also relate to the sea grass situated between the boardwalk and the ocean. Rather than facing the ocean, the memorial turns its focus to the city and its people. Situating the seating and gathering areas to face the boardwalk, further accentuates the message that memory and grief are inseparable from life, and that the best way to commemorate loss is binding it with the present.


  • Project type: Holocaust memorial. 
  • Location: Atlantic city
  • Year: 2010
  • Clients: /
  • Site area: 300 sqm
  • Status: Competition entry
  • In collaboration with SAYA Architects