Shimkin 22
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Provence on the Carmel ABOUT : More details soon DETAILS: Project type: Private house Location:  Haifa, Israel Year: 2018 Clients: Taicher family Site area: 142 sqm Status: Completed 2019

Anji opera house
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Contemporary cultural center ABOUT: More details soon DETAILS: Project type: Opera house and cultural center Location:  Anji, China Year: 2017 Clients: Anji development group Site area: 17,000 sqm Building area: 19,000 sqm Status: In progress In collaboration with AISA

Smartphone menus re-imagined
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ABOUT: Re-designing interaction with texts on mobiles (long-press menu). Check this blog post for long explanations and Ux process info. DETAILS: Project type: Ux research Location: – Year: 2017 Client: /  Status: A case study 

69 Slam concept store
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ABOUT: Slam 69 is a swimwear brand focused on Millenials. This is the first store of the brand in Israel, Built inside a shopping mall in Haifa, Israel. The main challenge in the design was to find decent storage solutions for the product. The shop has no back storage place, … Read More


  WHO WE ARE We are A positive impact design studio. We care. We put our focus on joy, social impact, cultural heritage, sustainability, awareness, and empowerment. Thinking about what will be the legacy of our creation today for the next generations and what will we leave behind us to … Read More

Share Chair
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ABOUT: The main idea in that design is to promote the freedom of movement and freedom to choose and modify the sitting arrangement in a public spaces. That way people can decide what position they make and where they are facing to, and give the fair/bench a human gesture.  DETAILS: … Read More