We are A positive impact design studio. We care. We put our focus on joy, social impact, cultural heritage, sustainability, awareness, and empowerment. Thinking about what will be the legacy of our creation today for the next generations and what will we leave behind us to the next generations.
We design in a post-esthetic world, where visual appearance alone is simply not good enough anymore. We believe that focusing on esthetics alone generates empty vassals in times where knowledge, technology, and information allow us to introduce easily ethical concerns within beautiful packages.



We create Spaces, brands, campaigns, experiences, and interfaces that aim towards an improved future. We collaborate and support firms and institutions that want to make a change, and we provide hands-on expertise to make it happen: Sustainable and elegant solutions, disruptive visuals, strategies, and user-focused experiences that help them make healthier present and future. Cause we (and we mean any scale of we ) must give more than we take to enable us all to live abundantly.



We help our clients to discover the essence, the unique values of your businesses/projects and give them the most elegant and energy-efficient solutions.
Being energy efficient is not just about saving the electricity bill. We see energy as a holistic measurement to any invested resources: time, money, creative ideas, problem-solving, materials, execution, and production. Many times we find those resources interchangeable: creative ideas can overcome low-budget, fast production can compensate for longer planning time, and so on…



We start each design with profound research about the project scope, the users, the market and come up with several solutions, with different criteria. Then we work it out together with the client to get the best solution out there within the constraints. As a byproduct, our clients get a deep insight into their businesses and gain a holistic plan to develop their business.



A multi-disciplinary architect, artist, and designer with over 20 years of design experience. Received a B.Arch with academic distinction from the Technion. As a forever student, Hanan continuously exploring new practices in design, arts, culture, and technology to have a wide and updated spectrum of skill sets, know-how, and knowledge. That versatile range of methods and approaches help in finding original/ unusual solutions through design.


Architectural Services

Educational buildings and campuses.
Commercial architecture.
Private houses.
Green and sustainability design.
Design Consultancy.
Second opinion.
Interior design.
Furniture design.
Executive plans development.
Construction management.

Branding Services

Visual identity & logotype.
Brand strategy and development.
Communication strategy.
Corporate and brand name.
Naming systems.
Slogans and Tag Lines.

Brand applications.
Peripherals and signage.
Package design
Sales peripheral design.
Digital material design.
Printed material design.

Software Services

Web design & development.
Application design & development.
Information architecture.
User interphase design ( UI )
User Experience Design (UX)
Usability analysis.